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A curated selection of the best Augmented Reality apps built with Apple ARKit, Google ARCore, Vuforia, Unity and Unreal Engine. Make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

December 4th

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Transformers Cades Junkyard

Use augmented reality to play with Bumblebee the Transformer inside your home. Transform into a car, draw a path to drive, build up your own junkyard, then destroy it all! - Transformers: Cade’s Junkyard is powered by the magic of Apple’s ARkit technology - Scan anywhere that has a flat surface to place the autoshop from Transformers: The Last Knight - Watch Bumblebee jump right into your room. Move closer to see his details in 360 degrees - Transform into a car and drive by dragging your finger across the screen to choose your path - Watch Bumblebee flex his bot-muscles by tapping anywhere for him to attack - Build up your junkyard with over 10 different placeable and destroyable objects - Use the built in camera mode to capture your best moments to share with your friends Transformers: The Last Knight - In Digital (including 4K UHD) now! Buy it here: paramnt.us/TheLastKnight

December 1st

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CastleMustBeMine AR

Have you ever simulated war games by using toys? Or have you ever imagined that they could participate in the war games under your command? Right now the AR Technology offer an immersive experience make this become more real. Castle Must Be Mine is a AR tower defense game. Through building the defense tower on the building points, to stop the enemies who want to invade your castle, and after killing the enemies, you will earn some money which can be used to build more towers or upgrade towers as well. Meanwhile you need to command your hero and use the special skills to obtain better performance. Key Features: Building and upgrading towers with your strategy. Command your hero to attack enemies and get more experience point to level up. Over 30 different monsters, including land monsters and fly monsters. 5 fascinating forest-style maps, 4 desert-style maps and 3 Ice field maps .

November 28th

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AR Archery

Ever used a bow and arrow in Augmented Reality? Well, now you can play archery at the beach, in your living room, school, or at work ( well, maybe not at work or school :P ) Either place the target yourself , or the game will place the target for you, but the game has one more feature that is pretty exciting: Multiplayer: Compete against people from all around the world in Augmented Reality!! Are you ready to win? - ARKit enabled Augmented Reality - Haptic Feedback - Precision Controls - Customizations - Multiplayer - Premium Quality Game - High Quality Graphics - It's LIT

November 26th

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Genesis Augmented Reality

GENESIS isn’t like any game you’ve ever seen. Using AUGMENTED REALITY players experience an addictive skill-based real-time battle system. Each character is equipped with a myriad of attacks, some reliant on brute force and others on mystic or dark capabilities allowing for a perfect combination of skill, strategy and foresight. If crushing friends in the arena isn’t your preferred option, the game also compensates for the competitive lone-wolf with an elite single player exploration mode that will test and hone the skills of any avid gamer. You are a Riftlord – a mortal chosen by Genesis to end the final influence of Rharkon. You must venture forth into unknown Rifts, using your power to dominate the tainted beings of darkness, building an army of powerful beings from across the Ages. Your task is to keep order, and protect the Universe from the eternal darkness of the Rifts. PRINT your special AR anchor to bring your augmented heroes to life. http://genesisaugmented.com/anchor.pdf FEATURED ON UniLad Gaming, The Gaming Bible, 8Gaming, Fraghero and EverydayGamers - Genesis is Augmented Reality Gaming at it's finest. FUNDED on Kickstarter - Genesis is the 7th most Crowdfunded mobile game of all time.