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A curated selection of the best Augmented Reality apps built with Apple ARKit, Google ARCore, Vuforia, Unity and Unreal Engine. Make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

November 26th

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Iron Hud

"Iron HUD gives you the feeling of being like Iron Man!" Iron HUD uses the built in camera in your IOS device to create an augmented reality Heads Up Display (HUD) on your screen. Tap the left HUD icon and Jarvis will speak to you. Tap the middle HUD icon to do a repulsor shot. Hold the middle HUD icon to convert power to Chest RT. Tap the right HUD icon to cycle through different modes Features: - Specially designed Heads Up Display - Repulsor shot technology - Jarvis interaction - Map Mode - Flight Mode - Ability to take Screenshots - Ability to record Video - Missiles Upgrade ( In App Purchase ) - Target Practice ( In App Purchase )

November 9th

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W AR Augmented Reality

This Augmented Reality Application brings the gaming experience to a whole new level! Initialize a life size gaming map in in the real world! Transform your garden into an action battlefield and fight against zombies! This game has all important ego shooter functionalities like Call of Duty, Left4Dead ... Search weapons in your garden and prepare for fight!

November 7th

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AR Blaster

UFO invaders are trying to take over your city. Not a city, but your city. Luckily, you've got a blaster on your screen so you can shoot the UFOs down before they land. You can't let even one UFO land, or it's game over. Good luck!

November 5th

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Ghosthunt AR Survival

Ghosthunt AR: Survival is an Augmented Reality shooter, that's powered by Apple's ARKit to provide the ultimate game play in your natural environment. There's a other world in in front of you. One that has ghosts that are constantly attacking you. You can collect cubits to unlock more powerful weapons and shields. You'll need these to survive. There's also a leaderboard to climb.