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Bag it Santa

Help Santa catch the falling presents. Slippery when wet!


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Placie is a social mobile app that lets users share moments with the world around them, in the most creative ways. Available for both iOS and Android, the app combines augmented reality and location-based technology allowing users to create and publish virtual objects and photos that appear in real world geographic locations. Placie users can take photos, decorate them with creative elements like stickers and text and instantly add them to a specific location, for anyone to discover through the world map. “Placie connects people and places through shared experiences in a playful social environment,” said Wictor Hattenbach, Creative Director at Bublar. “Liking, commenting, sharing and following are all possible within Placie, but what sets the app apart is the ability to explore location-based images in real-time via the aug- mented reality mode. Plus, users can even earn rewards based on their usage.” WHY USE PLACIE? • Transform photos into unique moments for anyone, anywhere to experience. • Images automatically get added to a geographic location, making it easy for people to discover them. • Explore places around the world through location-based user photos, in real-time, via the map screen in AR mode. Filter by most popular, most recent etc. • Engage with friends and other users, worldwide and share in-app content through other social channels. • Earn rewards based on Placie activity. A VIRTUAL WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES Whether a user has a trip planned to Tokyo and wants to check out the hot spots or they wish to contribute to a virtual view of their neighborhood, the Placie app adds another dimension of location-based discovery. Based on Bublar’s proprietary software platform, Placie represents the first phase for the company in augmenting the entire mobile experience. “We predict an exciting evolution of applications based on Bublar’s proprietary software platform,” said Magnus Granqvist, Bublar’s CEO. “Our vision is to elevate the user experience for social apps by integrating augmented reality and geolocation. Our team is thrilled to lead the way forward and dedicated to expanding Placie while working on future applications for the platform.” The Placie app is free for anyone, anywhere to download and enjoy. Placie currently monetizes the app through optional in-app purchases. Users can buy coins to redeem for enhanced sticker packs etc. directly within the app or redeem the coins they’ve earned from their app activity. Explore and share with the world around you. Download Placie for iOS or Android today.

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Oho Cards

OHO cards is an augmented reality based physical greeting card. You can either completely personalize these cards or choose from one of our themes. You can add and image and video using our OHO cards app and the cards will be shipped within 48 hours to any part of the globe. Alternatively you can purchase bundle packs of null cards from us and add a video at a later stage and use the cards when needed.


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The first AR client for Twitter